Fun Fact: I love all things Snoopy and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking and camping with my family and running with my dog, Freddie.

Favorite Bearcub items: I love the Therma-rest Pack Towels and the Kelty couch for comfort during the kids’ soccer games.



Fun Fact: I love the 4th of July and am a huge U of M college football fan... and I love dogs.

Favorite outdoor activity: Sitting outside in the sun with a book, swimming with the dogs in the summer, and traveling to tropical places in the winter.

Favorite Bearcub items: I love the Speaqua speakers because they can go in and out of the water and are small enough to travel easily with.



Fun Fact: I’m an animal lover and an avid traveller. My favorite excursions were Hawaii and Alaska because of the wildlife and the landscapes.

Favorite outdoor activity: I love to hike and discover nature in each place I visit. Come summer, you’ll always find me by the water!

Favorite Bearcub items: The Osprey Ariel. I’ve owned one for 5 years and it has been through so many adventures with me!



Fun Fact: I love red pandas, Star Wars, and other things. I cannot whistle or wink with my right eye.

Favorite outdoor activity: I love to snowshoe, ride my bike on the area trails, hiking and finding a spot to relax and enjoy the views. I feel there’s not much weather in the area that stops me from enjoying a walk. I also love gardening in the summer.

Favorite Bearcub items: My Osprey Raptor 14L pack gets the most use from me. Well, aside from my Klean Kanteen water bottles. Summertime I love my Patagonia Baggies shorts.


Mary Jean

Fun Fact: I used to work with birds of prey. I have lived in Colorado, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, Louisiana and New Mexico. I have lived in Petoskey almost longer than everywhere else combined.

Favorite outdoor activity: Biking and cross-country skiing.

Favorite Bearcub items: That is a hard question! It depends on who it’s for. Me-Prana tops, my family-Pagatonia fleeces, my nephew-Kicky Pants onesies!



Fun Fact: I usually have stories to tell about creature sightings and encounters (birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, amphibians – I love them all)! I love all plants and growing things, especially native edibles. I grew up in Petoskey.

Favorite outdoor activity: Being barefoot (or if I HAVE to wear shoes, wearing Chaco flip flops), gardening (lavender, basil, and sage – oh my!), hiking (or just being) in the woods, and kayaking (or just floating) on the lakes

Favorite Bearcub items: Packtowl Personal, most anything by Sea to Summit, and Bertucci Watches



Fun Fact: I’ve moved – a lot. I’ve hosted two German exchange students. I majored in Art and Illustration and I love graphic novels (not the superhero ones).

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking and lake swimming and SUPing.

Favorite Bearcub items: Korkers spikes for my boots were a necessity for winter hiking this last season. I’m also enjoying the new Thermacell mosquito repellent devices for camping.



Fun Fact: I have been to over 50 music concerts. I love cows. My creative outlet is making scrapbooks for my children.

Favorite outdoor activity: I enjoy bike-riding, swimming, boating and ice skating.

Favorite Bearcub items: My Klean Kanteen water bottle is my favorite product. I also love my Lole leggings and all Smartwool. The Honcho Poncho is fantastic!



Fun Fact: I am an excellent parallel parker. I love folk & bluegrass music. Spiders’ eyes shine in the dark if you point a flashlight at them. Spiders are cool.

Favorite outdoor activity: I have too many to choose just one! It’s a tie between hiking, watching dogs play, and hula-hooping!

Favorite Bearcub items: The Klean Kanteen insulated mugs (I use mine every day) and the Folkmanis puppets.



Fun Fact: I love to paint landscapes, much the same as Bob Ross.

Favorite outdoor activity: Fly-fishing.

Favorite Bearcub items: Sea-to-Summit E-Vent Waterproof Compression Sack. It makes my sleeping bag compress to 1/3 it’s original size.



Fun Fact: I like to shop and spend time by the pool with my mom.

Favorite outdoor activity: My favorite outdoor activities are tennis and skiing.

Favorite Bearcub items: My favorite product in the store is the Lole Gisele jacket.



Fun Fact: I have traveled the continent 3 times over, for months at a time, camping using only things from Bearcub and everything was always aces.

Favorite outdoor activity: Surfing, hiking, mountaineering, and by all means mellow camping trips.

Favorite Bearcub items: Better Sweaters, Patagonia TorentShells, and our backing gear in general.



Fun Fact: I have a gap between two of my toes due to foot surgery I had several years ago. If given a date, I can tell you almost instantly what day of the week it was.

Favorite outdoor activity: Writing and running!

Favorite Bearcub items: Patagonia Better Sweater, or maybe those great Outdoor Research running hats.



Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Favorite outdoor activity: Hunting with my family is my favorite outdoor activity. It’s something we all bond over and enjoy.

Favorite Bearcub items: The North Face Mountain Sweatshirt.



Fun Fact: I’m a lover of music and gigged regularly with the same band in mid/southern Michigan for over 15 years, playing acoustic/electric guitar and harmonica.

Favorite outdoor activity: Camping and fly fishing the Manistee River for Hexagenia limbata, a.k.a Giant Mayflies.

Favorite Bearcub items: Almost impossible to answer, but I would have to say any of the sizes in the North Face Base Camp Duffel Series.